There are many new ways for cardholders to initiate transactions: eCommerce,  mobile devices, NFC, etc. There is also the POS terminal industry that has remained relatively unchanged during the last 20 years. During that time the Host side of the business has changed tremendously. The Internet has allowed new technology (such as XML, SOAP, .NET, and Web Services) to make Host programming infinitely simpler.

Whittle Group, Inc’s paySwitch was designed to provide the bridge from traditional POS terminal solutions and new mobile phones and eCommerce to today’s modern Host systems.

paySwitch understands POS terminals and the networks they run best on. paySwitch also understands the Internet and all the modern technology that is used there. In the middle is a powerful switching engine that reformats messages on the fly as they pass through paySwitch. The time it takes for this to take place is measured in milliseconds, not seconds, so there is no noticable delay.

All transaction switching is based on database elements that can be updated while the system is running.