Who We Are…

Whittle Group Inc is a team of seasoned professionals led by Paul Whittle, a Technical Expert and Transaction Specialist.

Paul and his team built the Front End transaction processing systems for Planet Payment that quickly and reliably process millions of transactions, a leading international processor. Transactions originate from POS terminals, ATMs, eCommerce Gateways, Banks and Processors for merchants in over 25 countries for over 50 Banks and Processors.

Card brands include Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club and include card not present with 3DSecure and card present with Chip and PIN (Online and Offline PIN), and Chip and Signature.

Paul also enjoyed a long and distinguished career leading technical innovation at Hypercom. Joining as a software engineer in 1987, he quickly took responsibility for all Terminal and PC/Server software efforts at Hypercom.

Some of the products that were individually created by Paul include the T7 and T7P software, Multi-Host support, the S8 PINPad, and the original versions of TNMS (which later became TermMaster) and NMS (which later became IENView). In 2000, Paul was the technical leadership behind the new service offerings at the Atlanta-based epicServices division at Hypercom.

Prior to Hypercom, Paul held technical positions at AustNET/EFTEL, an ATM switch in Australia, and ATL Limited, a provider of wagering systems to horse and greyhound racing venues.

Paul Whittle is a second generation professional. Paul’s parents, Jeff and Ruth Whittle built Whittle Programming Pty Ltd in Australia, a mining software company that went public in 2000.

Whittle Programming software specialized on Open-Pit Mine Optimization and became such a staple of the mining industry worldwide that many banks would not finance a mine until it had been “Whittled”.

The products of Whittle Programming was sold to Gemcom Software International, Inc in Canada, but Whittle Consulting continues to offer services to the mining industry.

Jeff and Ruth provide technical excellence and cost advantages to the mining industry with a private venture called Whittle Consulting in Australia. Joined by Paul’s brother Gerald Whittle, they offer specialized consulting services to drive maximum profitibility from open pit mines for some of the world’s largest mining companies.

Paul leads the team at Whittle Group, Inc in continuing the family tradition of providing technical excellence and innovation: this time to the financial industry.