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Experience With All Card Types!

Whittle Group, Inc. has the right experience and tools to help you build a system that will process these transactions securely and reliably.

Helping You Deliver Complete Solutions Using Any Of These Components!

Experience With All Major HSM Types.



  • Transaction System Design & Review
  • Chip Cards
  • Consulting Services
  • POS Network Design & Review
  • Security & HSM’s

The team at Whittle Group, Inc has been designing and recommending systems that are in use today by many processors, financial institutions, ISO’s and merchants. Innovations brought to the market by the team have saved countless millions of dollars through improved efficiencies and added functionality.

What SOME OF our customers ARE SAYING

PWG and team are always quick to respond to any inquiries. PWG’s team is extremely knowledgeable with regards to the Ingenico hardware and software platform. It’s nice to have functionality that even Ingenico does not have, thanks to the PWG team. They have helped EVO differentiate and innovate. PWG has been a trusted partner for several years. They have helped us pack a ton of functionality into an otherwise generic POS terminal. As you’d expect from any partner, PWG delivers quality work at a very competitive price point in a timely manner.

Shawn Prasaud

Senior Product Manager, EVO