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Whittle Group Inc is a team of seasoned professionals led by Paul Whittle, a Technical Expert and Payment Specialist.

Paul has been in the Payments industry since the late 1980’s when he led all terminal and PC/Server development efforts for Hypercom as it established a significant position in the US Payment industry.

Paul was a senior executive at Planet Payment where he led the team that built the Front End transaction processing systems for Planet Payment, a leading international processor. These systems quickly and reliably process millions of transactions that originate from POS terminals, ATMs, eCommerce Gateways, Banks and Processors for merchants in over 25 countries for over 50 Banks and Processors.

Paul is a second generation computer programming professional. Paul’s parents, Jeff and Ruth Whittle built Whittle Programming Pty Ltd in Australia, a mining software company that specializes in Open-Pit Mine Optimization and became such a staple of the mining industry worldwide that many banks would not finance a mine until it had been “Whittled”.

Jeff and Ruth provide technical excellence and cost advantages to the mining industry with a private venture called Whittle Consulting in Australia. Joined by Paul’s brother Gerald Whittle, they offer specialized consulting services to drive maximum profitability from open pit mines for some of the world’s largest mining companies.

Jeff Whittle was recognized in the Australia Day Honours for 2018. He was named an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AO). He was proud & honoured to be included amongst such an incredible group of fellow Australians.

Since 2015, Paul had led the team at Whittle Group, Inc in continuing the family tradition of providing technical excellence and innovation: this time to the financial industry.

Paul is passionate about payments and had built a reputation for Whittle Group of being a knowledgeable partner that will bring success to its clients.


Kristina Little is Vice President of Whittle Group, Inc after joining as Program Manager in 2017.

Kristina was previously a Senior Technical Project Manager in the Project Management Office at Ingenico US where she was involved in many successful projects and initiatives.

Kristina has introduced many process improvements to Whittle Group to ensure that our customers receive deliveries when they expect to, and that they do what they expected them to do.


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